• I was charged with a sex offense that I was absolutely not guilty of.  Mr. Corales investigated the case and explained all my options to me.  I decided to take the case to trial. He did such a good job of pointing out the flaws in the State’s case that it only took the jury about 15 minutes to find me not guilty.  It was such a huge relief to have that behind me, and I would recommend Mr. Corales to anyone in the same situation.
    Shonda B.
  • My ex-wife didn’t want me to see our kids anymore, so she tried to take out a protective order, saying that I was harassing her.  Mr. Corales came to court with me and after he cross-examined her on the stand, it was clear that there was no evidence of harassment.  The judge decided not to give her the protective order and I was able to keep seeing my kids.  I can’t thank Mr. Corales enough for making that happen for me. 
    Luis B.
  • I was working as a security guard at a nightclub when I had to take out some kids who had snuck in.  One of them accused me of roughing him up and called the police once he got outside.  I was charged with Simple Battery and Disorderly Conduct, even though I didn’t rough anybody up.  I came to Mr. Corales and told him that my record was clean and that I wanted to keep it that way.  He understood and worked out a deal where he got my case dismissed and got the charge taken off my record.  Thank you!
    Trevor G.
  • I came to Marco after being pulled over by police for a stop sign violation.  I was unemployed at the time and did not want to pay a large fine.  Marco met me at the courthouse early in the morning and pleaded to the judge on my behalf.  I was promptly given community service in place of the fine, which I completed quickly and easily.  Marco saved me time, money and weeks of stress!
    Christopher R.
  •  I had a D.U.I. case that had been pending for a year because the officer that arrested me wouldn’t show up to court.  He always had some excuse and the State kept getting continuances.  I called Marco because a friend recommended him.  He put a stop to that quickly, and got my case dismissed the very next time we were in court!  He took such a burden off my shoulders, and was always available to answer questions and put me at ease.  I would definitely recommend him to others.
    Lucinda H.
  • I got caught up in a bad situation with some bad people one night and ended up being charged with armed robbery.  The prosecutor wanted me to plea to 10 years of prison time, which I didn’t want to take because I didn’t commit armed robbery.  I called several attorneys and Mr. Corales was the first that took the time to hear what I had to say.  After talking to the prosecutor about my case he got the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and I didn’t have to go to jail.  I recently finished probation and have been able to move on with my life thanks to Mr. Corales’s hard work.  I can’t thank him enough and will recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.