What We Do

Our goal is to provide aggressive and professional legal representation to every client in order to ensure that their issue is resolved in the best possible manner. Our clients’ best interests are what matters to us, and we do whatever we can to meet or exceed their expectations. In order to accomplish this, Corales & Woody, LLC focuses on the following:


We strive for excellence in everything we do. Mediocrity is not acceptable. We promise to give 100% to every client, and we do whatever it takes to provide the best possible advice and representation we can.


We believe that everything we do for our clients, no matter how small the task, should provide some added value to the overall resolution of their case. We do the work necessary to provide a quality service in an efficient and effective manner, in order to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.


We know that often what matters to clients the most when a legal issue arises is to have that issue resolved as soon as possible. It’s often easy for legal disputes to drag on through the court system for a significant period of time. We promise to act on your case in an efficient and timely manner. We do not miss deadlines, and we’re happy to keep each client updated on new developments so that the client stays informed as to our progress.