Why Choose Us

Our strengths include:

Experience. Our legal experience and knowledge is the backbone of our firm. Corales & Woody, LLC has garnered a wealth of knowledge and know-how over years of legal practice in jurisdictions across Georgia. Our attorneys and legal staff stay apprised of changes in the law and regularly attend seminars and informational courses, as well as review educational materials to ensure that our firm remains current and has a thorough understanding of the law.

ResponsivenessThe members of our firm strive to provide excellent services to our clients in a timely manner. It is the firm’s policy to communicate with our clients to provide them with the assistance they need when they need it. We return phone calls and emails promptly and focus on responding to all inquiries with straight-forward answers.

Attention to Detail. At Corales & Woody, LLC, our attorneys and staff are fully committed to the specific needs of each client in all legal matters. Our attorneys and legal staff work directly with each client to ensure client satisfaction and the most desirable resolution possible. We focus on executing an appropriate course of legal action that supports the interests and needs of each client while remaining accessible and available during what we know can be a difficult time.

Results. Our office has obtained results to back up our highly-rated practice and reputation. Past results do not guarantee future results, but hiring Corales & Woody, LLC means you are hiring a firm with a proven track record.

Caring. Our firm cares about you. Our firm is small enough to provide each client direct contact with his or her lawyer, but large enough to offer the legal muscle necessary to get results.