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Georgia Criminal Defense Blog, October 2016
Marco A. Corales, CORALES & WOODY, LLC

Georgia: Tough on DUI

Last August, the personal finance site, WalletHub.com, conducted a study on DUI enforcement in each state. The study compared things like use of sobriety checkpoints, criminal penalties for misdemeanor DUI’s (jail time and fines), circumstances under which DUI’s are considered a felony, prevention of DUI’s and impact on insurance rates.

The study concluded that Georgia is the second strictest state for DUI enforcement.   Only Arizona is more strict in penalizing DUI’s.  However, interestingly, the study ranked Georgia 22nd in prevention of DUI’s.

Here are the highlights of Georgia’s DUI punishment statistics:

  • The minimum amount of jail time is 10 days for a 1st DUI offense.
  • The amount of jail time goes up to 90 days following a 2nd DUI offense.
  • There is “no refusal” for sobriety testing (meaning that refusal bears automatic consequences).
  • Automobile insurance rates can go up as much as 47% after a DUI.

The study found that Georgia ranked first in minimum jail time and administrative license suspension.  Additionally, Georgia ranked:

  • 3rd for minimum jail time following a second DUI offense.
  • 6th for length of time in which prior DUIs continue to factor into penalties.
  • 11th for minimum fine for a second DUI offense.
  • 11th for average insurance rate increase after a DUI.

The complete study can be found here.

Being ranked the 2nd strictest state in penalizing DUI’s, but only 22nd in prevention, means the chances of getting a DUI are comparatively high in Georgia.  Thus, at a minimum, this study is a useful reminder of how important it is to be ready with legal counsel should you find yourself facing the stiff penalties for DUI in Georgia.  Program our number into your phone now: 678-961-3999.

If you are ever charged with a DUI, don’t hesitate to call Corales & Woody, LLC for a free consultation.


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